Binfield Heath Community Led Plan 2016 – Planning Update

You may be aware of the Binfield Heath Parish Plan that was developed from 2008 and updated in November 2013 following progress on a number of items, including the fast broadband and Neighbourhood Watch.

The Parish Council is now keen to refresh the parishioners’ views on local planning so that it can refer to up-to-date local views when considering possible developments.

We have devised a very short questionnaire to seek your views and would be grateful if you could take the time to complete it. We welcome views from as many of you as possible so please don’t be limited to one per household. The more people who provide their views, the more weight the Parish Council will be able to put on the results. You will see from the questionnaire introduction that the amount of building in the Parish is quite surprising.

There are three ways of completing the questionnaire, either by following this link:


 collect a copy of the questionnaire from the village shop, return it to the village shop.

 print out the pdf below and once complete, return it to the village shop.

BH planning survey questions

It is important to give as many parishioners as possible the opportunity to complete the questionnaire so we have sent this email out using a combined email list from those lists held for the broadband and other parish initiatives. I apologise if you receive this more than once.

We would like to have the results back by Sunday 6 December 2015 at the very latest but the sooner the better, so please take a few minutes to express your views.

We will publish the results as soon as we have analysed them on the Parish Council website and in a Community Led Plan (the latest government name for these things) around June 2016 and also on the Binfield Heath website. The original Parish Plan will sit alongside this new plan, so completing the original outstanding actions such as seeking AONB registration won’t be lost.

Thank you for your help. This is one rare way in which our views on planning will be used by the Parish Council to guide its responses and also, hopefully, to ensure that South Oxfordshire District Council reaches planning decisions that are right for us

Dr Robert Davis

Community Led Plan Working Group


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