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Final broadband update!

Dear Broadband contributor,

The fibre-optic installation into the village was completed on 23-Dec-13.  This was within the deadline of 31-Dec13. So the project was on time and the speed of the broadband is certainly better than predicted at the outset. 

The original estimate of the works - £56,075 + VAT - included a hefty provision for heavy civil engineering (i.e. digging up the road) from the cabinet in the village to the one by Gravel Road.  In the end the amount of work road works needed was much less than expected, so we have negotiated with Openreach and agreed a final contract sum of £45,964 + VAT.  A saving to the village of £10,111.

As confirmed at the open meeting, any funds created by oversubscription have to be retained by the Parish Council and used to fund other projects of benefit to the parish.  So although you will not receive a rebate,  the Parish Council's coffers are swelled to the general benefit of all in the village.  Canvas your local councillor to sway the decision on what might be done with the windfall!

A comment from Paul Rollason, chairman, Binfield Parish Council: 

'This is a major achievement for our village and does put our community in a competitive position for businesses and homeowners alike. On behalf of the Parish Council I would like to thank Keith Pruden, Richard Ormerod and David Fogden for the hard work put in behind the scenes, keeping the Parish informed and all the assistance they have given the Parish Council.'

Sadly the brilliant arrival of a life changing superfast broadband, also coincided with phone problems experienced by many in the village.   This has certainly taken the gloss off the broadband success.  Openreach steadfastly maintain that the fibre installation and the phone issues are not related.  The phones will be addressed as a statutory right over time by BT, but without the broadband effort we would never have had good broadband - so that is the longer term achievement.  It should also be said that if you are on fibre then when the phone is cut off your broadband is still going at full speed. That’s because you only use the phone line to the nearest cabinet and then it’s on by fibre.

This is the final email from the Broadband Action Group and monitoring of this email account will end in a few weeks.

Many thanks for your contribution and putting Binfield Heath in a healthy position for the future.


Keith Pruden, Paul  Rollason, David Fogden & Richard Ormerod

Binfield Heath Broadband Action Group

On behalf of Binfield Heath Parish Council

The Reading third bridge issue 

The Henley Standard reported from the public meeting held with Reading East’s MP Rob Wilson concerning renewed pressure from people, mostly but not exclusively in Berkshire, to build a third bridge over the Thames. Their wish is to connect the A329M via a new bridge into Oxfordshire to relieve the pressure on Sonning bridge and avoid the holdups caused when it has to close.

Objections from the Oxfordshire side are based on lack of infrastructure to take existing traffic and probable future increases through the villages. If you have a view, come to the next Binfield Heath Parish Council meeting on Monday March 24th at 7.45 in the scout hut. The council sent its comments to OCC councillor David Bartholomew  for a meeting between Rob Wilson and John Howell, Henley MP at Westminster on March 3.

David has set up a twitter account for local comments: “I am keen to get more local views and invite readers to visit a dedicated Twitter account I have set up for this purpose: @ReadingBridge and #newreadingbridge. I will forward a summary of responses to John Howell MP for his meeting with with Rob Wilson MP in due course.”

The Parish Council will be discussing this matter at its next meeting. Come along and give your views.

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